Safety at Honeygo Run Landfill

At Honeygo Run Landfill, keeping our community and our workers safe is the most important thing we do. Safety is a priority throughout our operations, from the very base of our Landfill’s liner to the trucks we screen as they enter our gates.

How We Protect The Community

  • Built Strong: Our on-site employees have over 100-years of combined waste management experience.

  • Protects Groundwater and/or Protects Surface Water: Honeygo Run monitors its existing waste footprint with 17 individual groundwater monitoring wells, 3 surface water monitoring points and an engineered leachate collection system. Each of these is tested routinely to verify that our groundwater and surface water are safe.

  • Monitored Continuously: Sophisticated safety equipment and trained personnel monitor all aspects of the Landfill and ensure that only non-hazardous construction and demolition materials are disposed.

  • Screened for Radiation: – Honeygo Run screens waste for potential radiation with an industrial RadComm Radiation Detection System. It is an integral part of a system to keep potentially hazardous materials out of the landfill

  • Exceeds Standards – Honeygo Run is designed to meet or exceed all federal, state and local environmental and safety standards.

  • Inspected Regularly: Honeygo Run is regularly inspected by the Maryland Department of the Environment and Baltimore County Department of Public Works.